Marketing Transformation in 2021: The Definitive Middle East Guide
Thinking of investing in enhancing your martech stack this year? Before you do, download this free ebook to identify and solve for six common marketing challenges
Marketing Transformation in 2021: The Definitive Middle East Guide will give you practical steps to tackle the main CX obstacles faced by marketers in this region.

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Follow this guide to get a bird’s eye view of your technical, strategy/people and process challenges.
Once you’ve mapped these out, it will be a whole lot easier to decide on what technology you need to invest in to overcome these bottlenecks and achieve an enhanced customer experience as a result

Learn more about:

  1. Unravelling a complex tech stack: Find out how international marketers have simplified their martech stack through vendor alignment and standardisation.
  2. Getting a 360-degree view of your customer: Learn how to break down data silos and get accurate data.
  3. Adapting to the world post Covid-19: Figure out exactly how the pandemic has impacted your business, before deciding on your martech strategy.
  4. Understanding the customer journey:How to use the components of a customer journey to gain a better understanding of their needs.
  5. Effective campaign reporting: Get tips on how to best structure and report on your digital campaigns in order to maximise ROI
  6. Defining the End-to-End (E2E) business process:Map out the best process for your business by breaking down the functions and components of your marketing programme.

If you’re embarking on a marketing transformation programme in 2021, download this ebook as a starting point on your journey to customer experience excellence.
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